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Laker Gear is here!

We are excited to be able to offer Laker hoodies and toques to purchase! All logos are embroidered on each item. Order forms will be available at the school. Orders are due in by Nov. 28th to ensure delivery for Christmas. There is a sizing kit with sizes small to extra large at the school office with various sizes to try on if needed,  Friday, Monday, Tuesday, And Wednesday 9-3.

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Laker Gear order form

(larger sizes are available to order, although they are not in the sizing kit)


Our New Kitchen is Complete!!!

Wow! We are all excited! The new school kitchen is finished. After many years of discussion and design, we are ready to use the new facilities. Thanks to the school district for making that possible with many man hours of labour. Thank you to ALL who made donations towards the kitchen over the past few years. We look forward to serving all our future food products from the new kitchen!

Old Kitchen :                    



New Kitchen :                     

Paul Hann!

WOW!!! On October 26th, 2012, Charlie Lake students pulled off another amazing performance at the school. Paul Hann came and worked with our students again this year and they put together a very wonderful concert. It was Mr. Hann’s last time to work with our students as he will be retiring this year. We wish him all the best for his future, and thank him for all he has done for our community in the past numerous years. The students of Charlie Lake Elementary should be proud of themselves and for the songs they created with Mr Hann. Well done!!





Terry Fox Run


September 28, 2012 we held our annual Terry Fox Run.  The event began with a school assembly; whereby, students listened attentively to Kristine Ray who presented her project on Terry Fox.  Students learned of his accomplishments and his desire to make a difference.  Ashley Watson held up the project for students to see. 

Students and staff at Charlie Lake also made a difference by fund raising for a few weeks.  They put coins in their house color bin at the office for a total of $1004.32.  Again, Mr. Bourcet was very proud of everyone’s effort in participating in the walk run and fund raising.  Each house raised the following amounts.

Black raised $324.45

Blue raised $258.16

Red raised $201.51

White raised $220.20

Way to go LAKERS!!!


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