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Terry Fox Run


September 28, 2012 we held our annual Terry Fox Run.  The event began with a school assembly; whereby, students listened attentively to Kristine Ray who presented her project on Terry Fox.  Students learned of his accomplishments and his desire to make a difference.  Ashley Watson held up the project for students to see. 

Students and staff at Charlie Lake also made a difference by fund raising for a few weeks.  They put coins in their house color bin at the office for a total of $1004.32.  Again, Mr. Bourcet was very proud of everyone’s effort in participating in the walk run and fund raising.  Each house raised the following amounts.

Black raised $324.45

Blue raised $258.16

Red raised $201.51

White raised $220.20

Way to go LAKERS!!!

Basketball a Success!

The District Basketball Tournament was fantastic! All games were exceptionally exciting and close. One of the girls teams placed fourth overall, after two overtimes. Thanks go out to Mr. Bourcet for running the tournament and Mr. Bauer and Mrs. Boyd for coaching.

Our next sport is badminton and if parents can help out please give Mr. Bourcet a call at the school.

Girls Basketball

For grade 5/6 students and parents of students, the Sports page has been updated with the Girls game schedule. Girls, please remember to bring yourself a water bottle to drink from while in the gym, and a snack for after the game as we seem to work up an appetite during game play.


Mon: Girls Practice 8am (Mrs Boyd), Boys/Girls Practice  3pm-4:15pm (Mr Bauer)
Tues: Girls League Game  3pm-4:15pm
Wed: Boys Practice  3pm-4:15pm (Mr Bauer)
Thurs: Open Shooting Practice 8am (Mr Bourcet)
Fri: Open Shooting Practice 8am (Mrs Boyd)

There is a 4-on-4 League play that has been set up for Grade 4-6 students that have signed up, and these games take place on Mon/Wed/Thur/Fri from 12:15pm-12:45pm

Weekly Update number two

A ‘Wall of Good Deeds’ has been started at the school. Here’s how it works: 1)When someone does a good deed for you, tell your leadership representative. 2) Together you will fill out an award for that person and put it up on the ‘Wall’. 3) Then you do a good deed for someone else. 4) Awards for good deeds will be given out at the end of November.

For the month of November, we will be conducting a ‘Cleanest Classroom’ contest. Here’s how it works : 1) Classes will be evaluated by Leadership Students daily. 2) A class will be awarded with a trophy and a prize at the end of November.

Please remember that it is getting colder as we get farther into the winter months and to dress accordingly/ bring warm outside clothing.

Bowling starts this Thursday, November 18th and will go until February 10th 2011. Bowling will be every Thursday, from 3pm until 4:30pm. Please check your child’s schedule to make sure which day they bowl.

Mrs. Myhre’s class will be hosting a Bake Sale on Friday November 19th in cooperation with the Women’s Resource Society  to raise money Sponsor a local single parent family for Christmas. The students will be going classroom to classroom to sell their wares before recess.  We would like to commend the thoughtfulness of one student in Mrs. Myhre’s class for coming up with this idea on their own and bringing it to the class’ attention. It is possible for more people to sponsor a local family for Christmas, simply by contacting the Women’s resource society.

Cross-Country Running

The Cross-Country Running season was extremely short this year.  Thanks to Mrs. Woods for training with our students and taking them to the final cross-country run at Upper Pine.  Results will be posted early next week.

Volleyball Season starts

Elementary sports now turns its focus to volleyball.  At present, Ms. Yorke and Mr. Bauer are holding practices for our students.  More information about league games and the tournament will be posted as it becomes available.